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RTI Guidelines

  1. RTI packets will be done for all students who fail benchmark #1 with a 50 or below. Packet needs to be completed 1 week after benchmark #1.
  2. Homeroom teachers will get packets from counselor. Homeroom teachers are responsible for setting up a meeting with parents to inform them about RTI procedures. Homeroom teachers are responsible for setting up a meeting with their team to fill out the packet. All team members must sign RTI packet.
  3. Once the packet is complete, send a copy to parents and send the original back to the counselor.
  4. If students are not progressing in scores in the areas of CBA's, Reading Plus, CARS/STARS, weekly grades and if pertinent, benchmark #2 scores, then a Special Education packet needs to be completed by the first week of December.


Website Expectations

Each teacher is expected to maintain their website and keep the posted information up to date. The following elements would be found on an exemplary classroom website:
1. Contact Information
2. Welcome Message
3. Teacher Bio/Photograph
4. Syllabus/Description/Objectives
5. Homework Assignments
6. Calendar of Events with Test/Quiz Schedule
7. Learning Resources
8. Classroom Rules and Policies
9. Worksheets & Handouts
10. Resource Lists
11. Parental Resources
12. Class Showcase/Class News
13. Activities to Energize Learning
14. Awards & Recognitions