Binder Organization

Every student should have a 1" binder with the following tabs and items that follows:

After Tab 1 (Homework) - This includes homework page, fluency(printed behind homework page) and sight words. The patriotic song of the month and pledges are back to back. All these items are in a sheet protector. 
Tab 2 (Reading Vocabulary) - This is where all vocabulary from the story of the week goes.
Tab 3 (STAAR Passages)- After this tab, all STAAR passages that we have worked on each Friday goes in this area. 
Tab 4 (Math) - This is where all the math lessons go everyday.  These are there to reference back to if students do not understand their homework. 
Tab 5 (Science) - All science vocabulary goes in this area of the binder. 

RED Folder:  The red folder is after all the tabs.  On the front part is the calendar with any points that may have been taken off.  In addition, this is to be initialed everyday. On the back part is the contract that was signed by you (the parent) and the student.

GREEN Folder:  The green follows after the red folder.  On the front, those are items that need to BRING BACK (homework and any important information that needs to be returned) and on the other side the items or papers (memos, graded papers, etc.) stay home.  This should be emptied out every weekend, so binder can stay organized and neat.