Rules/Las Reglas


1. I listen to my teacher and others.

2. I follow directions.

3. I work quietly.

4. I do not disturb others.

5.  I complete class work.

6. I respect others and property.

7. I respect authority.

8. I play and work well with others.

** Students will receive rewards for following these rules. **


Every morning clothes pins with each child’s name will start on the green section of the Conduct stick.







CONSEQUENCES if a student chooses not to follow the rules:

1st- 2 times-----Student will receive verbal warnings and his/her name will remain on GREEN


3rd time-----Student’s name will be moved to YELLOW.  Conduct folder will not be marked.


4th time-----Student’s name will be moved to ORANGE and he/she will receive one mark on Conduct Folder.    Student will lose recess and parents will be called.


5th time-----Student’s name will be moved to RED and he/she will receive two marks on Conduct Folder.  Student will be referred to the administration, lose recess, and have a Parent/Teacher conference.

***SEVERE DISRUPTION:  In the event a student chooses to use extreme behavior, the student will IMMEDIATELY be referred to administration regardless of how many warnings he/she received prior.




                          0-5 marks - (E) Excellent (Golden Rattler)              
             6-10 marks - (S) Satisfactory
(Silver Rattler)

                              11-15 marks - (NI) Needs Improvement                                     16+ marks - (U) Unsatisfactory