AR Goals

Dear Parents:

Reading in Kindergarten should be enjoyable and allow students to master the reading foundational skills. All Kindergarten students will be expected to read or be read to and use a reading log to record their reading progress throughout the year.

The Accelerated Reader is a reading program for student independent practice, which may be used at the beginning of the second semester (if the teacher determines that the Kindergarten student is ready for AR). If the student is ready, they will be expected to achieve their Accelerated Reader goals for each reporting period. The accelerated reader goals are set by the district guidelines. 

Students are expected to accomplish all three components of their AR goal for each reporting period:
1. Maintain an average of 85% accuracy.
2. Read at their prescribed reading level.
3. Accumulate the number of points as determined by the district guidelines.

Those students reaching all three components of their AR goal each reporting period will be rewarded at the end of each period. 

The top five readers in Kindergarten will receive trophies at the end of the year.