Reading Homework

Textbook: The reading book should be taken home at the end of the day to be read daily. Your child will be accountable for the assigned story of the week and the comprehension test that will be administered every Thursday. Your child needs to bring the book to school daily.

Sight (Fry) Words: In your child’s binder, you will find the sight words. I will assess your child's, sight words knowledge, once every week. There is no limit as to how many words students can learn weekly. The more words they know; the better! There is a total of 10 instant word lists. If students master all ten lists, they will be reading 1000 words by the end of 2nd grade!!! Please keep in mind that understanding the meaning of the words is very important. Therefore, when you help your child practice reading new words at home, make sure you go over word definition as well. My goal is for your child to learn 30 new words every week, 6 new words daily! When I test your child, I will highlight the words s(h)e knows and I will date it. Please don't highlight words at home.

Fluency Chart: In your child’s binder you will find the section: Reading Fluency. Please read the instructions to complete the fluency chart at home, this is homework and it counts as a minor grade (40% of reading grade). I expect my students to be reading at least 70 words per minute at the beginning of the year, 90 by the end of the school year. I will assess your child’s reading fluency every Monday and Friday.

AR Reading: Your child should be reading library books at his/her level to collect points. AR User name and password, along with reading level is on the first page of your child's planer/agenda. Our goal is for your child to have at least 100 points by the end of the school year. If your child collects at least 3 points per week, he/she should meet this goal easily.

Extra Info:

• Please don’t let your children write on the textbook.

• Check binders every day.

• Initial planner daily, this to make sure you read happy or sad notes that go home.

• Join our Remind 101 group

• Please join SPTSO.

• Sign up to volunteer.