The following rules are implemented in an effort
to offer every child in the classroom the
 best learning environment possible.

1. Listen carefully

2. Follow directions.

3. Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working.

4. Respect others. Be kind with your 
words and actions.

5. Work and play safely.

** Students will receive rewards for following the rules. **


  • First disruption - student will receive a verbal warning. 
  • Second disruption — the student’s name will be moved to yellow.
  • Third disruption  — student's name will be moved to orange and will receive a mark on conduct folder. 
  • Fourth disruption - student will receive 2 marks on conduct folder and parents will be contacted.
  • If a child repeatedly fails to turn in homework, he/she will receive a mark on conduct folder.
  • SEVERE DISRUPTION:  In the event a student chooses to use extreme behavior, the student will IMMEDIATELY be referred to administration regardless of how many prior rules have been broken.


0-5 marks      (E) Excellent

6-10 marks     (S) Satisfactory

11-16 marks    (NI) Needs Improvement

16+ marks       (U) Unsatisfactory