Tucker, Lisa

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 Lisa Tucker - 6th Grade Reading & Spelling 

 Ruben Hinojosa Elementary

#584-4990 Ext. 3013 Room 218 

Welcome to 6th grade Reading & Spelling!
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In this class we will work diligently to read and comprehend challenging literature. We will explore different literary genres including short stories, poetry, drama, biographical and autobiographical selections, and expository text. Every week we will read a selection from our literature book, Mirrors and Windows. We will closely read and discuss selections in class and complete a variety of exercises and activities to better understand the text. 

We will also learn and practice different spelling patterns by studying 20 spelling words per week. Students will record these words in their daily planners, and be assessed on the spelling and the definition of each word. Students may practice spelling and vocabulary on Spellingcity.com.
Students are assigned homework to re-read the story, poem, or article(s) of the week. Students should re-read the weekly selection at home, study assigned vocabulary, and review study question responses in order to score well on the rigorous written assessments. In addition to multiple choice and matching items, students are also required to complete a literary response essay on each weekly literature test. 

Sixth grade students will be responsible for recording daily homework assignments in their agendas.
This is an expectation in 6th grade, and will be imperative for the students' success in junior high. Please check your child's agenda daily for homework assignments.
STAAR passage tests will be administered on Tuesday's. Spelling tests will be on Thursday's. Literature tests are usually administered on Friday's.
  We are very busy in 6th grade ELA. Daily attendance is critical for success. My door is always open to students and parents who may have questions or concerns.
I am here to help my students succeed.
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