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Practice Games/ Juegos de Practica

It is very important for your child to practice typing at least 2 times per week. Students will be using the computer for projects, tests, homework and learning support. The following link will provide the students with the correct way to type and the correct seating posture. 

Typing practice

The following link have the purpose of reviewing learned skills while they are having fun. Please feel free to use them at your discretion. If one of the links is broken or the game no longer available, please let me know. 

  1. Basic Facts:
  2. Doubles:
  3. Match number word with number
  4. Numbers in expanded form
  5. Writing numbers
  6. Expanded Form
  7. Numbers in order
  8. Writing numbers
  9. Number on number line
  10. Number on a number line
  11. Learning the number line
  12. Multiplication games
  13. Multiplication tables
  14. Multiplication Activity
  15. Math operation practice
  16. Muliplication Game